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Born in Forty Fort, a small town in the hard coal region of Pennsylvania, John lived his youngest years there enjoying the benefits of Susquehanna River, the worlds’ longest non-navigable river, 444 miles long with 4 million people living within its watershed. The Susquehanna has another impressive history; above its smooth flowing current towered the longest stone-arch bridge in the world. When his family moved away, he left behind his best friend, Fritz, and his first heart throb, Connie, a wonderful red hair, blue-eye young girl; they were in the fifth grade. As a writer, the move to Las Cruces was the backdrop for the remaining days of his life. He still lives there.

When he arrived in Las Cruces in 2004, he moved into a private residence on Missouri Avenue; the Ova Noss Family Partnership work crew called it the “War Room.” he left there two years later and moved into White Sands Missile Range’s backyard and set up the second “War Room.” The following year he moved back to Las Cruces into the third “War Room” and began an eight-year non-stop writing project on the Victorio Peak treasure saga. When he finished, he titled the volume, The Gold House, a non-fiction three book exposé on government and military corruption in the theft of gold from the Noss treasure. Finally, in 2022, he left for Long Beach, California and worked out of the fourth “War Room” in filmmaker Alex Alonso’s studio repairing video tapes and digitizing more than 55,000 ONFP documents and files. His name is John C. “Jack” Staley. He uses the pseudonym, John Clarence, for his written work.

John Clarence’s Books

Nonfiction treasure books and newly released exciting novels

John Clarence’s newly-released treasure books include The Gold House trilogy; The Discovery, The Lies the Thefts, The Executive Order. They also include The Noss Gold, and Doc & Babe.   You can purchase the 5 E-books on Amazon.com.  

You can also watch Gold, Lies,  and Videotape on Discovery + The 6-episode documentary on the story of Victorio Peak.  You can stream those episodes on Discovery + by clicking here.

In addition to the Victorio Peak treasure books, John Clarence has also written two unrelated novels: Cloudland, and The Borshov Effect. These two novels are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!


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