Doc & Babe

Doc & Babe

In 1937, towns along the Rio Grande still had not yet emerged from the days when the law of the land was the short end of a rope and branding irons were still cattle rustler’s best friends. In Hot Springs for instance, not unlike other towns along the Rio Grande during the Depression, you could still ride into town to the blacksmith on horseback and pack a six-shooter on your hip. It wasn’t uncommon for the sheriff to get off his horse and shoot an unlicensed dog in the street and nobody gave a damn, except the poor kid who owned the dog. There weren’t many jobs in the small towns along the Rio Grande either, even before the Depression hit. So, it’s not difficult to appreciate why there was always someone looking to find something of value that could be converted into cash. Although there were always people looking for gold to make ends meet, the incentive to find it was heightened because of bad times when getting from one day to the next was the goal for the day and the hope for tomorrow. After the Depression finally ended, the economy improved steadily, however, corruption in the larger towns along the Rio Grande, such as Las Cruces, was rampant. The tainted trail ran from the Mexican border town of El Paso, north beyond Hot Springs, all the way to New Mexico’s capital in Santa Fe.

One of the most corrupt politicians along the trail was Judge William T. Scoggin Jr., a former district attorney in Las Cruces. If a local bought-and-paid-for judge, say, Judge William T. Scoggin, Jr., who owned one half of a 3% interest in Doc and Babe’s Victorio Peak treasure venture, decided he wanted to preside over the trial of Charlie Ryan, Doc’s killer, no problemo! And if J. Benson Newell, Doc’s long-time attorney before Doc was murdered, who also had one half of a 3% interest in the same treasure venture, decided he wanted to be Ryan’s defense attorney, no problemo!

Ova wrote about their experiences in her journal: “If you found a treasure like we did, the treasure trove laws came into play, but New Mexico didn’t have such a law when we found it. The law covered hidden gold bullion, gold coins, and silver objects and I know that if anyone found a treasure like we did, it belonged to them. After we found the treasure, most of our problems came from crooked lawyers, judges, and powerful military people who took the land over when World War II started, the same area where Doc and I found the treasure. We also had a bunch of problems with other people who knew we had found the treasure and claimed it belonged to them, but it was all a big lie. Everyone knew we had discovered it inside Victorio Peak, but when the word got out everyone wanted to cash in on it. The government was the biggest scoundrel in the whole deal and it all began right after WWII started in 1939. We had two other problems, our attorneys, Benson Newell and William Scoggin, Doc and my business partners in our mining business, The Cheyenne Mining Company. They were the most dishonest people I ever met.”

Maybe it’s best to start at the very beginning, back to a time in American history when figures like Geronimo, Cochise, Jessie James, Wyatt Earp, and Doc Holiday appeared in all the dime novels of the day, back to a time when Doc Noss was a young boy when people knew him as Milton Ernest Noss, his true given name.

Doc & Babe

Doc & Babe is an historical novel based on the actual life experiences of Milton E. “Doc” Noss and his wife, Ova M. Noss during their short time together they searched for and eventually discovered a treasure of great value, thousands of ancient gold bars, chests of jewelry, gold coins, and other precious artifacts. Sit back in your favorite chair and immerse yourself in the pages of Doc & Babe. Order your copy on amazon today.

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The Noss Gold and Doc & Babe are Clarence’s newly released books related to the discovery of billions of dollars in gold bars by Doc and Ova Noss in 1937. They are all available on Amazon’s Kindle eBook platform, as well as Clarence’s other three treasure books: The Gold House trilogy, The Discovery, The Lies, The Thefts, and Executive Order  Whether you’re a fan of fiction or nonfiction, Clarence’s books are a must-read. With rich, descriptive language and well-developed characters, these books are sure to captivate readers from the very beginning. Beautifully written and paced, Clarence’s novels draws the reader in from the first page and doesn’t let go until the very end. So don’t hesitate – get your copy today!

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