The Gold house, executive Order

The Gold House

Executive Order

In 1991, President George H.W. Bush signed Public Law 101-189 [H.R. 2461]. In the legislation, the ONFP (Ova Noss Family Partnership) was granted the legal right to conduct an extensive excavation of the Noss treasure site on Victorio Peak, the very site from which they had been banned to set foot on for 35 years. The effort was headed by Terry Delonas, Ova Noss’ grandson. Book three of The Gold House – Executive Order, describes how a dream come true for the rightful owners of the treasure, the heirs of Ova Noss, turned into a nightmare. When the ONFP team began working at the site, they found themselves straitjacketed with a maze of restrictions placed on nearly every search activity, location restrictions called “red zones” the Army imposed, areas where they were forbidden to search, making it impossible for ONFP to carry out its mission.

But the problems didn’t stop with the search restrictions; The Gold House – Executive Order describes a sequence of imposing and intimidating behavior by the government and the military, including false and deliberate over-billings, illegal changes to an agreed-upon contract, lies, and coercion. The ONFP (Ova Noss Family Partnership) search also provided the military an opportunity to tie-off any and all remaining loose ends, guaranteeing little or no hope that the treasure rooms could be reached by the ONFP search team. The 5-year ONFP search was not the first search of its kind, in fact, it was the third Army-rigged, Pentagon-approved, regulation and red tape-ladened search scheme. The ONFP search ended in 1997 when the partnership finally ran out of private funding. The full term of the expedition was riddled with violations of Bush’s H.R. 2461 legislation, which included huge overcharges by White Sands’ accounting office and the creation of the “General’s Kitty.” These overcharges were monies skimmed from phony invoices paid by the ONFP, which the commanding generals spent on items clearly unrelated to ONFP’s search efforts. The stolen funds provided the commanding generals with walking around money, loot to pay for headquarter parties and purchases of items that made life more comfortable for the generals. In book three of the trilogy, as in books one and two, an effort has been made to tell the story chronologically. In this effort, the events presented here key off of a number of letters, various types of documents, affidavits, agreements, interviews, and official government papers.

The Gold House – Executive Order describes a cruel replay of what the government did to Ova Noss during her years at Victorio Peak after her husband was brutally murdered. The story in Executive Order begins in the 1990s when a more sophisticated sequence of tricks and deceitful behavior was played out against Terry Delonas, son of Dorothy Delonas, Ova’s daughter, and General Partner for the Ova Noss Family Partnership. Illegal over-billings and changes to an agreed-upon license contract are cited in Executive Order as well. Coercion, intimidation and extortion were also a few of the devices the United States Government and the commanding generals at White Sands Missile Range used against the ONFP during its search efforts at the Victorio Peak treasure site. “When the Army is involved, things happen by command and cover––and leaks, as was the case at Victorio Peak on White Sands Missile Range in the 1990s, gold will gradually rise and converge upwards into the hands of those who are in power,” says Jim Marrs, journalist and New York Times bestselling author. “This astounding and disturbing story moves the reader from a gold strike in the 1930s through a 1949 murder, and later in time, into the highest levels of the U.S. Government and the military at White Sands.” Barr McClellan, a New York Times bestselling author and attorney for LBJ and the Johnson interests wrote this; “A story of the erosion of the rule of law by our government leaders and the attack on our freedoms in America. The Gold House trilogy is the call to re-open Victorio Peak.” Colonel Gerald Schumacher, U.S. Army Special Forces, Retired and author of A Bloody Business, wrote, “It would be impossible to conjure up a more detailed, irrefutable and shocking account of greed, corruption, deceit and mortiferous behavior permeating the highest offices of our government. The disturbing truth of The Gold House is that this story is not the product of a fanciful imagination; it is the painstaking compilation and presentation of colossal theft, covert meetings, surreptitious financial transactions, and cover-ups conducted with the acquiescence and active participation of former sitting Presidents of the United States of America. The Gold House trilogy is a jaw-dropping, mountainous achievement and treasure trove exposé that usurps all other conspiracy stories of our time.

The Gold House

Executive Order

The Gold House – Executive Order reveals irrefutable proof of the criminal activities played out against the Ova Noss Partnership (ONFP) and its General Partner, Terry Delonas, during the approved gold search at the Victorio Peak treasure site in the 1990s. “Experience the thrill of The Gold House – Executive Order for yourself. Order now and see where the story takes you.”

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