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The Gold House Trilogy

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The three books of The Gold House tell the story of a hidden treasure in New Mexico, one of important historical significance and tremendous value. Its existence was first uncovered on November 7, 1937 within a rugged desert hill known as Victorio Peak. With the onset of World War II the general area became a weapons testing area, which the military named White Sands Proving Ground. By the mid-1950s the same testing area was renamed White Sands Missile Range and was expanded further westward beyond the San Andres Mountains. The military named the newly expanded area “Yonder” and it included the very site where the Noss treasure was located. That’s when all the trouble began.

The Gold House, The Discovery, reveals the well-documented true story of Doc and Ova Noss, extraordinary individuals who discovered a massive treasure on the Range prior to it being taken over by the military. Doc and Ova endured a hostile environment in their search for the treasure most others could not have tolerated. Continually being maligned and ridiculed by individuals in the military in and the Treasury Department, they held fast to their position that they were the true and legal owners of the treasure.